Neoantigen Engineer

HelixNano is a Y Combinator and venture backed biotech startup based at LabCentral in Cambridge, MA. Our mission is to unlock the potential of synthetic biology in oncology. We leverage the full toolkit of high-throughput DNA synthesis, protein design and machine learning to develop new therapeutic modalities for advanced metastatic cancers.

Personalized neoantigen vaccines have demonstrated remarkable early results in the clinic, but their efficacy remains unpredictable. We recently launched a project backed by Eric Schmidt to build a technology that transforms any neoantigen candidate into a “precision neoantigen”, guaranteeing an immune response and boosting efficacy. Now we are seeking a pioneering scientist to drive this effort to supercharge future cancer immunotherapies — and to ultimately enable preventative cancer vaccines.

We want to hire you because you know that even though biology is unpredictable, our tools to engineer it are better than ever before -- and most biotech companies are not thinking big enough. You have the audacity to attempt what big pharma with a hundred times the budget cannot do. You are impatient to get results, and passionate about building something that really works -- beyond the minimum for a publication or the first clinical proof of concept.

You don't view Nature as a problem to be solved, but as a vast cornucopia of solutions. You have the humility to recognize insurmountable obstacles, and the ingenuity to think your way around them. And when things don't go smoothly, you are kind to others and yourself.

If this sounds like you, please apply. We offer a competitive salary, stock options and benefits, a great work environment in the vibrant community of LabCentral, and the opportunity to do exciting science at startup speed —while collaborating with some of the best research institutes in the world.

The responsibilities of a successful applicant will include:-

  • Leading a research program to originate and develop novel technologies to activate the immune system.

  • Finding clinical translation paths for the project outputs with our collaborators.

  • Growing the project team as needed

  • Securing additional sources of funding.

We don't want to hire you for your skills -- they won't be enough, and you'll need to master additional disciplines. That said, the following will be useful:-

  • A Ph.D. or equivalent, 5+ years of research experience.

  • Nucleic acid molecular biology, including the ability to develop protocols for manipulating large libraries

  • Extensive cell culture experience

  • Mouse and direct immunology experience preferred

Please send your CV and a short cover email to Or if you know someone who fits the bill, let us know — we pay a finders’ fee.